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Welcome to GND Beach Videos, part of the GNDPass! We scour the beaches the world over to bring you the best of the best. None of that three blocks away shit you're used to on most other sites! Here it's as close as you can get with out going to jail! We have everything from bronze tanned beauties, to those who really need to be in the sun! to those that leaves you wishing they were taking even more off!
What's better then being on the beach? being on the beach with a camcorder surrounded by thong clad brown skinned beautiful women of course! You won't see her ANYWHERE else on the net!
Bubbles on the waves, not bubble butts like these girls above ;)
Seriously, these have to rank in the top 10 best asses on the net eh?
Not only do we cover the beach, but we cover everything on the beach. The showers, in the water, getting ready to go in the water, you name it, we cover it.
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